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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MS Word Bug - 0 day attack

My motto is always, never run a .doc document from untrusted source person. So I might miss a lot since I know some of my friends like to sent some jokes or pictures thru a .doc document.

But better be safe than sorry, If anything happens with my notebook, I am in trouble since I am in overseas and I could not get a rescue disk within a blink :).

Anyway what is a 0 day attack? This means, the bug has been discovered and an exploit has been written and its already spreading in the internet.

So what that you need to do? You dont have to do anything, just has to wait for Microsoft to create the patches and download the patches, and hopefully it will solve the problem and does not introduce a new BUG :P.

So currently, as of now, there is a MS Word bug with a 0 day attack. That means,:
1. Please do not run any .doc document if it is not business related
2. Antivirus is useless for now since the antivirus could not detect this bug yet...
3. If you are using google mail, open the MS word attachment as a .HTML file *there is an option over there*

That means, Google will be the one that opens the MS word, and send the result as a .HTML file. There is no virus by using this option.

Anyway for the workaround, if you are insist to open the .doc yourself, Microsoft solution for now is:
Run MS Word in a safe mode. How to do this?
Start -> Run -> WINWORD.EXE /safe
Open the file now.

Do not double click the file directly, since double click the file, will execute the WINWORD in a normal mode, and if the .doc got virus, your computer will be infected. Have fun cleaning it up :)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its a Camera! Its a Phone! Its Samsung

is it a Camera ? is it a Phone? Its Both :), welcome to Samsung SCH-B600. I believe this is the 1st camera that shows 10 M pixel :P. Yeap, you heard me right, 10 M pixel.

I am sure it will be pricey though, and this is an interesting concept, especially since the camera lens can be zoom in and out, this is a nice feature.

So far, there is no news when this baby will appears. but I can not wait the other vendor to catch up with this. Why ? Because if the other vendor appears with similar concept, then the price will GO DOWN :). as simple as that.

PS: Dont forget mega pixel is not everything. the Optical lens play an important part to the quality :).

More Info: Engadget - Samsung/


UMPC (Origami) Competitor

is this UMPC? Judging from the picture, its quite similar, but its not really a UMPC. I will call it super mini PC then :P. If you notice its part of VAIO product, which means its SONY.

Sony is going to release this babe end of May in Japan.

The only thing I can see the difference is this babe has a keyboard. Not very sure whether its a built-in or not. But its kinda cool, but I dont think it will fit into my pocket :P.

It will be bulky though, but I do not mind to have it as a toy.

From now the spec is:
1. Centrino Processor
2. Windows XP
3. 4.5" LCD Screen
4. 1024x768 resolution. (*Better than UMPC, UMPC is 800x600)
5. Built-in Camera
6. Optional GPS Receiver (*Niceeeee*)

Coming Up Soon: Accepts Flash memory instead of hard-disk
It may not use Memory stick, because for Memory Stick, i think the capacity is not big enough for now. Only Flash Drive, since as you can see from one of my previous blog, the Flash drive has already hit 64GB :). But I doubt they will ship with 64GB since the 64GB drive itself still very expensive. My target, it will ship with 16 GB or 32GB. Let see whether my prediction is correct :P.

The price for the 1st generation will be about US$ 1800 *Arrghhhhh, I can buy a real notebook*.
If you are loaded, you should be able to get it in Japan soon, by end of May, I expect it will appears in Ebay :), otherwise you can wait until July when Sony will release it in USA.

If you are kind enough, i dont mind to have this as my bday present :-).

More info: Sony Annocuncement


Monday, May 15, 2006

Perpendicular Hard-disk 5K160 is out now

Finally, Hitachi release its first perpendicular hard-disk. The product name is 5K160. Based on its name, we know that its:
1. 5400 RPM
2. 160 GB :)

Other than this, they also have the lower capacity i.e. 160GB, 120GB, 80GB, 60GB & 40GB

Complete Specification of their Perpendicular Product from the website:
- Hitachi’s first perpendicular recording (PMR) hard drive

- Choice of capacities:
160GB, 120GB, 80GB, 60GB & 40GB
- Parallel ATA or Serial ATA 1.5Gb/s models (SATA 1.0)
- IrMnCr read head for better performance & reliability
- Best in class for low-power utilization
- Outstanding performance

So I like the name, because the name is easier. The only thing that I dont like is: its still 5400 RPM. I was hoping to see 7200 RPM. Oh well, I can only hope that 7200 RPM is coming up next.

Just in case you are interested, perpendicular is suppose to be the latest technology for hard-disk. Current hard-disk technology is limited, and very limited growth. If you notice the maximum Hard-Disk you can find in the market is 500 GB.

So with this perpendicular technology, it is suppose to change that, since now, the data will be stored "vertical" instead of "horizontal" to save space.

So theoritically, we should expect 1000 GB (1 Tera Byte) coming up in the horizon :).

By the way, if you are wondering why do you need 1000 GB hard-disk... I am also not very sure, but for me:
1. Backup my OS, so in the event of virus or worm, I can easily recover back to the original state as long as my hard-disk is not being destroyed :P.
2. Partition my hard-disk so I can boot to multiple OS i.e. Linux, FreeBSD and Windows XP
3. Movies ?? Music ?? Pictures :)

If you are one of the person that would like to be the 1st to a new technology, its the time now :) get yourself 5K160, and please let me know the performance with the other Hitachi Hard-Disk. :).

More information:
Hitachi - Perpendicular 5K160


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get a Mac - Mac Vs PC

Just reading from the web and found some advertising about Mac and PC.


The website above shows 2 person characters
PC and Mac. its quite funny, but put it this way, I will still not buying a Mac :) as simple as that.

But if you want to see what the advertising looks like: just go to the website above. Dont forget you will need a Quick time player though.

In simple word: Its just advertising. Windowx XP never fails me, I have been using it for my work, my play, and I am very satisified, so no complaints, and beside, oops, I can get a new Windows XP machine cheaper than Mac.

Sounds like I am a PC? maybe :), because I do not like to get confused when I am at work using Windows PC and at home using Mac. oops, where is the software again?? ahh i forgot its on my mac. Oops.

Other than that ask yourself this question:
1. What a Mac OS can do that a Windows OS can not do?
Practically: NONE

Or alternatively, what a Windows OS can do, but a Mac can not do?
Practically: A LOT :), more gaming, More software choices. More hardware choices. I could even choose to upgrade motherboard, memory etc. That way, the cost can be trimmed down since there are a lot of variety.

Virusses ?? Well, Mac OS will have its time too. Its not a mater that Windows have more virus than Mac. But which one can close the "hole" faster :).

If its an old virus, forget it, the current anti virus will be able to block that.
The thing that you need to worry, is a "new hold" and how fast you can block that hole.

With Windows? Like it or not, even 3rd party vendor can do it for you :).
With Mac? Oops, you are stuck for now.

finally, .....$$$$$$$$$$ time :)
Which one cost you more? A Windows OS or a Mac OS?
Finally it bog down to cost. Windows PC will cost less than a Mac PC. Eventhough a Mac can run Windows with bootcamp, but oh well, not all software can run on it yet :P. and it cost you more to get that machine.

The list can grow on and on. but for now, I will stick with my Lenovo Thinkpad T42 :).


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free Napster Now

Napster. Remember Napster? Last time used to be the hub for music sharing. Now the company has already goes legal. In order to complaint with the law, Napster provides songs with fee. After that the market share of Napster drops.

SinceApple iPod with iTunes gain the market share, Napster has to use a new tactics now. To recruit more subscribers, napster will allow the members now to free listening up to 5 times per track, the song will be encoded with lower quality. After that, it will allow you to download the high Quality with 0.99 USD. This is not a bad deal, since at least it will allows you to listen the song first before you decide whether it worth to buy or not.

So its worth the try.

PS: You will need to join Napster as the member. Registration is free.

More Info: http://www.napster.com/


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Negear-Wifi-Phone for Skype is pre-order now

Remember the Netgear Wifi Skype? If you dont, refer to this Blog

Its pre-order now at Skype Website.

Price: US$229

More Info: Skype Store