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Friday, October 31, 2008

D-Link DPH-50U - Skype Compatible

I had vosky call centre, eventhough it works, but there are times where it has some annoying clicking sounds. This is getting more annoying if

I just purchase DPH-50U,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Apple Ads - is it really that smart?

Well, Just saw this new apple ads, where the Mac was looking smart, and PC is looking dumb counting budgeting money, separating the money between Advertising and Fixing Vista.

Mac: Do you think its going to work?

PC: you are right, and throw all the money to the advertising.

Well, in my mind I am thinking of something, what happen if all the itunes for windows is not exists now :), since Mac is so superior, will apple get this fame ?

Apple get this famous because ipod "DOES" work under windows :P.

Try to cut the support, and we shall see the number goes down very fast.

just a thought.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Jumbo Universal TV Remote - Does It Work?

Has anybody having trouble when you want to lower down the volume, you will need the TV remore control. When you want to change the cable channel, you need the Cable Remote Control, and when you want to play DVD, damn, again you will need a different remote control again.

So I always hoping that I could buy the Universal Remote Control. So Eventhough i always notice there are lots of Universal Remote Control, I always skeptical that it will work with the new TV / DVD Player / New Cable.

I am more interested with Logitech Harmony since Logitech Harmony can be programmed using PC, but the Logitech Harmony is so "damn" expensive and its really out of my current budget.

When I happen to walk by Ross, and saw this Jumbo universal tv remote was on sale (5.99 USD). Well....what do you think? I thought, well nothing to lose. its 5.99 anyway.

Lets try it out.

So I bought this Jumbo Universal TV remote and I drove home happily.

Quickly I put 2 AA Battery and turn it on, and point it to my TV. Well just to test it out without reading any manual.

Well turn out it does not work he he, Okay, time to open the manual, well now its started to make sense, We needs to enter the 3 digits code for each device that we have. And each manufacture have a different set of 3 digits code.

So For mine, Let say I have a Samsung LCD TV, Pioneer DVD and a Comcast Cable Box.

The first one that I try is the Pioneer DVD Player.

Enter the 3 digits code from the manual, and my DVD player works directly.

Lets try the samsung TV, there are a couple of options for Samsung TV, so lets try one by one, the 4th code works with my Samsung.

Finally the comcast cable box, this is a little bit tricky, the manual did not mention anything for comcast cable box, damn....I need to play around and finally I gave up, search with Yahoo a bit, and within 2 minutes, found the 3 digits code.

Comcast Cable Box: 051

Try this code, and it works like a charm.

Wouw I am happy man now :).

The jumbo looks big, but well, I will never worried that it will ever get lost in my living room now :).

How to enter the 3 digits Code for TV

1. Press the "Code Search" Button for 3 seconds or more

The light will turn on and it will be solid red

2. Press TV Button

The light will blink once

3. Press the 3 digits code i.e. 105

The light will turn off once you enter the 3rd digit code

4. Press TV, Press Power

Your TV should turn off,

If it does not work, try with another code until you manage to turn off the TV.

As simple as that.

This is definitely will not replace all my remote, but for the normal things that I do it certainly more than enough.

Example: I would not be able to turn on the subtitle with this Remote Control, but at least I would be able to change channel, Increase/Decrease the volume, and play DVD easily. So for now I am satisfied until the Logitech Harmony drops the price.