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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nokia N95 - Wish List For Next Year

Nokia is one of the best brand for Mobile Phone. I really loved Nokia since its the easiest phone for sending SMS. Now with N95, Nokia is aiming for those who have PDA (Windows Mobile). The looks is very similar with a Windows Mobile PDA phone.
This new Nokia N95 cames built-in with:
1. GPS *yessss finally*
2. 802.11g *Wireless 54mbps - Should be quite fast*
3. Camera with 5 mega pixel *yeap thats right*
4. 3G (*nothing new but nice to know*
5. HSDPA *Another method to surf the web faster than the current 3G*
6. 2.6" LCD Display with 16 Million colors *niceee*
7. MP3 Player (See from the Picture 2 where the top part of the phone can come out - i like it*
8. Standard Phone layout (*You can push up the phone to show the normal phone layout - good for SMS *)

The only thing that I need to know now is:
1. How much is the price ???? Rumor - USD700
2. When will it be released - Rumor - Q1 2007
3. Speed - Eventhough I like Nokia, the only problems with their new handphone is the "speed". Its getting slower and slower *sigh*.
4. Battery...How long the battery can last :P

More Info: News Released
More photos: Nokia Photo

* Image above were taken from Nokia website.



Tuesday, September 19, 2006

AA Battery USB

Battery. We had a lot of gadgets, from Camera, Wireless Mouse, Wireless keyboard, Hand Phone, Notebooks. All needs battery, some comes with Proprietary batteries and some comes with the normal battery that you can just buy from the counter i.e. Super Market, 7-Evelen.
Which one that I like? Of course, the one that I can buy from the counter :). I am lucky that my camera, mouse and joystick are using "AA" battery. So I bought about 8 NIMH battery 2500 mah. then just recharge them when necessary.
There is no problem with using this approach, except I need to make sure that I bring my battery charger everytime I travel out :P.
So thats when this Battery USB can be handy. I DO NOT need to bring my battery charger anymore. What I need is just a USB charger i.e. my notebook, or my PC, and I will be able to recharge my battery. Nice..
The only problem since this is the first time I see this: I notice the "capacity is not big enough for now".
For now the spec is:
1. Nimh battery
2. 1300 mah --> Notice this is way too low compare to the non-usb nimh (up to 2700 mah now)
Price ??? about 28 USD :P.
So its pretty expensive still. but oh well, thats the price when a new technology came out. I do not mind to have it though, looks handy and nice :).

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zune from Microsoft - New Mp3 Player

New baby in town from the giant Microsoft. As per usual, many parties are trying hard to crack the Apple big Pie. Samsung, Sandisk, Creative, Sony, all are trying to cut the pie. So now even Microsoft is trying to enter the Mp3 market.

The new player is called Zune.

What is so different between Zune and the rest of Mp3 products?

Wireless capability :-).

You will be able to share your music with another "zune" owner. So I kinda like this idea, no cables, just wireless :).

And Microsoft is trying to be innovative by introducing "lending songs".
If you buy a new song from Microsoft (*Protected of course*), you will be able to "lend" this song to another Zune Player for 3 days. He will be able to play it and if he like it, he can buy the song himself.

Good idea ?? I think so, I like the idea very well.

The launch date for this product is unknown yet, but I am sure they will target it this year.
And I am pretty sure the other MP3 players from diff vendors are going to follow the wireless capability too.

News: Microsoft


Friday, September 01, 2006

Blue Ray that can hold up to 200 GB

I am not really a fans of blue ray yet. since its still expensive and beyond my reach for now :P. But if a CD can hold up to 200 GB. damn....Soon Hard-disk can be replaced or will it ?

Nahhh, not yet :), I am pretty sure eventhough Blue-Ray Disc can hold up to 200 GB, it will still be slow since its not "vacuum" (no air). its using "laser". While hard-disk is using magnetic, and its in vacuum so definitely faster than a Blue-Ray disc.

so it wont be able to match Hard-disk speed. But it will be good storage for your data or movie or whatever. you name it :). Just for example, if a typical mp3 is about 3M size, you will be able to store 66,667 songs in the 200 GB blueray.

For now, its only a prototype, it will be quite some times before it could be mass produced:

Just For the knowledge:1 CD -> typically hold up to 750 MB. (mega Byte) -> 250 songs

1 DVD (single layer) -> typically hold up to 4.7 GB (Giga Byte) -> 1567 songs

1 Blue Ray -> typically hold up to 25 GB -> 8333 songs

the new prototype blueray from TDK (hold up to 200 GB) --> 66667 songs


Info: TDK News