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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zune from Microsoft - New Mp3 Player

New baby in town from the giant Microsoft. As per usual, many parties are trying hard to crack the Apple big Pie. Samsung, Sandisk, Creative, Sony, all are trying to cut the pie. So now even Microsoft is trying to enter the Mp3 market.

The new player is called Zune.

What is so different between Zune and the rest of Mp3 products?

Wireless capability :-).

You will be able to share your music with another "zune" owner. So I kinda like this idea, no cables, just wireless :).

And Microsoft is trying to be innovative by introducing "lending songs".
If you buy a new song from Microsoft (*Protected of course*), you will be able to "lend" this song to another Zune Player for 3 days. He will be able to play it and if he like it, he can buy the song himself.

Good idea ?? I think so, I like the idea very well.

The launch date for this product is unknown yet, but I am sure they will target it this year.
And I am pretty sure the other MP3 players from diff vendors are going to follow the wireless capability too.

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