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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Google Problems

Google problems ?

Only by typing: http://gmail.google.com and http://www.blogger.com.

I got the above message. Very funny. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have the same problems. According to the message, they assume, I was using a "program" to go to the webpage, while in reality, I type it manually.

So the error message doesnt make any sense, I suspect Google just update some codes, since how can it be automated, if the "Blogger" webpage have the same problem as well he he he.

So this is what happens:
1. Google updates the code to restrict "automated robot" coming from the same IP address. So if the same robot keeps connecting to gmail.google.com. The new code is suppose to block it and shows the "error" message.

2. It looks smart right ???, WRONGGGGGGGGGG.
In actual fact, its really stupid to do that, why ??? Most companies only have 1 or 2 public IP address. And all the employee when they surf the web, it will use the "same" public IP address.

So google maybe "forgot" about this scenario. or some bugs in the code :P.

Anyway, from home its working fine, so I will keep quiet about this. This only proves something. A giant company like Google, also can make bugs :). so please do not only blame microsoft. After all, the "thing" that do the programming are the same thing i.e. human :P.



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