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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zen Vision M - 30 GB Black

Zen Vision M - This baby rocks :-). Here is my experience after playing with it about 2 weeks.

Zen Vision M made by Creative. Mind you, iPod is good, but Zen Vision M is very good too. The only thing that iPod good is marketing and packaging, otherwise for sounds, Zen Vision will definitely comparable with iPod.

In fact I prefer Zen Vision M more because it comes with
1. FM Tuner
2. It could play divx movie
3. Has a longer battery life than iPod.

Installation is a snap. Easy but not really fantastic, I think they need to streamline the installation so that new user will not feel unease with the screen. At least I notice the installation is so plain. Since this Zen Vision is for entertainment, at least they could put some animation or nice song during the installation and shows the status of the progress.

So creative needs to work harder on packaging. Apple does better than creative here.

Once the installation completed. I tested with some few songs and movie clips, I transfer some of songs to the player, and it immediately can play it. Sweeet.....But it is not really difficult to do that, since its just a drag and drop. so there is nothing new in here.

Next I am wondering how can i play it in the car? After researching for a while
Since I am using a rental car, the car came with only CD Player, so I have no choice other than to get an FM Transmitter.

So after testing with 5 brands: Here are the lists of the FM Transmitter that I have tried:
1. iDot Connect -> Does not work-> Forget it
2. Belkin tune cast II -> works -> Quality (3 star)
3. Monster --> works -> Quality (2.5 star)
4. DLO Transpod --> Works -> Quality (4 star) , then drop to 2 star *see explanation*.
Price: US$ 99.99
5. Macally FMTF -> works -> Quality (4 star). Price: US$49.99

DLO Transpod comes with a problem, it clash with the "mobile charger in the car".
Everytime I plug the car charger to the Zen, the engine of the car's coming to the radio.

Macally FMTF -> the best so far for me, with or without the Mobile Charger, the sounds is excellent. so I am a happy man now.

Additional Accessories that worth to be considered when you bought a Zen Vision M
Mobile Charger for Zen Vision
Bought it in ebay for US$ 4.99 --> works fine so I am happy with it

Wall Charger for Zen Vision
Bought it in ebay for US$ 4.99 --> works fine so I am happy with it

FM Transmitter: Macally FMTF (US$ 49.99).
--> Comes with a Desktop Charger for FM Transmitter
--> Comes with a Mobile charger for FM Transmitter
--> Comes with a Retractable Audio Cable

More Info: http://www.creative.com



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