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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yahoo Version 8 Beta - Available now

Yahoo messenger 7.5 is good for voice. I like it, sometimes for the voice chat, I prefer Yahoo than skype. It is very interesting now, since is getting more popular now, the quality is degraded.

The API for skype is still good though (at least i can use my cordless phone he he), but i can feel the "delay" in skype for the past few weeks.

For Yahoo, eventhough I feel the problem, but less than skype. Both are free, so for now, I will keep my mouth shut :)

Anyway, the purpose for this just to let everybody knows that Yahoo version 8 beta appears.

The only noticeable change is:

1. When you add an ID, it will now let you add a "MSN" address which means, now "possibly" very likely the 2 Instant Messaging Programs can communicate to each other.

I like the idea very much because sometimes, I hate to turn on so many Instant Messaging. *Yahoo, Skype, MSN, etc*.

I did try this feature by adding my own MSN ID to yahoo, and..oops..its not working yet :P. Maybe its coming up soon. I will just wait :). I have been waiting for years, *unless you are using trillian*, so wait for another few more months is alright.

Problem so far:

1. When you are chatting with a friend, and your friend's updating his own avatar. During saving the avatar. Your Yahoo Messenger will ....crash.

Hopefully they fix this bug soon.

More Info: Yahoo Version 8 Beta



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