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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MS Word Bug - 0 day attack

My motto is always, never run a .doc document from untrusted source person. So I might miss a lot since I know some of my friends like to sent some jokes or pictures thru a .doc document.

But better be safe than sorry, If anything happens with my notebook, I am in trouble since I am in overseas and I could not get a rescue disk within a blink :).

Anyway what is a 0 day attack? This means, the bug has been discovered and an exploit has been written and its already spreading in the internet.

So what that you need to do? You dont have to do anything, just has to wait for Microsoft to create the patches and download the patches, and hopefully it will solve the problem and does not introduce a new BUG :P.

So currently, as of now, there is a MS Word bug with a 0 day attack. That means,:
1. Please do not run any .doc document if it is not business related
2. Antivirus is useless for now since the antivirus could not detect this bug yet...
3. If you are using google mail, open the MS word attachment as a .HTML file *there is an option over there*

That means, Google will be the one that opens the MS word, and send the result as a .HTML file. There is no virus by using this option.

Anyway for the workaround, if you are insist to open the .doc yourself, Microsoft solution for now is:
Run MS Word in a safe mode. How to do this?
Start -> Run -> WINWORD.EXE /safe
Open the file now.

Do not double click the file directly, since double click the file, will execute the WINWORD in a normal mode, and if the .doc got virus, your computer will be infected. Have fun cleaning it up :)



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