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Thursday, May 18, 2006

UMPC (Origami) Competitor

is this UMPC? Judging from the picture, its quite similar, but its not really a UMPC. I will call it super mini PC then :P. If you notice its part of VAIO product, which means its SONY.

Sony is going to release this babe end of May in Japan.

The only thing I can see the difference is this babe has a keyboard. Not very sure whether its a built-in or not. But its kinda cool, but I dont think it will fit into my pocket :P.

It will be bulky though, but I do not mind to have it as a toy.

From now the spec is:
1. Centrino Processor
2. Windows XP
3. 4.5" LCD Screen
4. 1024x768 resolution. (*Better than UMPC, UMPC is 800x600)
5. Built-in Camera
6. Optional GPS Receiver (*Niceeeee*)

Coming Up Soon: Accepts Flash memory instead of hard-disk
It may not use Memory stick, because for Memory Stick, i think the capacity is not big enough for now. Only Flash Drive, since as you can see from one of my previous blog, the Flash drive has already hit 64GB :). But I doubt they will ship with 64GB since the 64GB drive itself still very expensive. My target, it will ship with 16 GB or 32GB. Let see whether my prediction is correct :P.

The price for the 1st generation will be about US$ 1800 *Arrghhhhh, I can buy a real notebook*.
If you are loaded, you should be able to get it in Japan soon, by end of May, I expect it will appears in Ebay :), otherwise you can wait until July when Sony will release it in USA.

If you are kind enough, i dont mind to have this as my bday present :-).

More info: Sony Annocuncement



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