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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar is out now

Google Calendar is out now, You can see from the picture next to this. Not too bad, it can import your events from Outlook or Yahoo. I try it myself, and it works perfectly fine.

Do you think I will use Google Calendar then ? Maybe not, I will still stick with Yahoo's Calendar since I use Yahoo Messenger more often than Google talk.

When I use Yahoo messenger, when I have the events due, it will notify me using a baloon on my Yahoo messenger or sending me an email.

While if I use Google Calendar, oops, I seldom turn on my Google talk, so I might miss my appointments :).

Anyway, There is a flight to catch now. So I better go :)

Update: I am having a jet lag now, so let me update some before I go back to my sleep.

You will need to have a google accounts before you can use this calendar application. I am sure everybody has already had a google account. If you dont, please apply one :) There is no harm to have a free 2.7GB email account. You can open your google mail in here: http://gmail.google.com

More Info: http://www.google.com/calendar



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still have time to write in the last minute....lol

Si Gombal from SJ,

11:47 AM  

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