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Friday, April 07, 2006

Floppy Diskette replacement - Flash Disc

Remember the old Floppy Diskette ? 1.2MB or 1.44MB? During the golden old days, Its the only way to transfer data. With 1 Diskette, you can fit many games inside it, but in the modern era, to use floppy diskette to store data, people will said, yeah right or...Floppy Diskette ? I do not even have Floppy Drive in my computer. Can you give me in a CD instead?

Every new PC is no longer come with this Floppy Diskette anymore. Its being replaced by CDROM. Its..old..and obsolute and forgotten.

Enter Memorex. This company is trying to revive the Floppy Diskette glamour day with this new Flash Disc.

This rounded thing in the picture is actually a USB Drive. You can see it from the Blue color disc, the middle part is a USB port.

The disc is cheap and durable, they will be sold at US$19.99 per 3 pieces.

The capacity for each disc is: 16MB. At least your "normal" data should be fit into it.

Its cheap, colorful, and durable. So there might be some "value" to buy it. But its still impractival to transfer data between office, since if we are in the office, most of the people now using "network" or "file server" to transfer data.

But to transfer data for Students, maybe its worth it, since normal USB drive can break. so if this device really as durable as it claims, it might be useful for students to transfer data between school computer and home computer.

Beside, the price is low. US$19.99 for 3 ???. Hmm that means, each will cost US$ 6.67. For 16MB, not too bad.

Where to buy: Best Buy
When? Its already available NOW at US$19.99 for 3.

More Info: Memorex - Product



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