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Friday, March 31, 2006

Accoona - New Search Engine

Another Search Engine? Do we need another search engine? We have already had Google, Yahoo, MSN. so Why we need to have a new one?

Accoona is another new search engine, that some of us did not aware of, since its launched.

Why I put this search eingine, because I found its interested about the shareholders of the company:
1. Former CEO of Compaq: Eckhard Pfeiffer
2. Chess Master: Gary Kasparov ---> Dont tell me you never heard about this guy :)

So that make me curious and I try it out, not bad, the search engine is very fast.
It claims to use AI to better understanding the search.

One of the nice feature of this search engine is a "Super Target" feature.
It can narrow down the information based on "country, last published".
When You search for Tsunami, there will thousands of reference of this word. Then you can use the super target feature to say only "Indonesia".
Then it will only display those that are published for Indonesia.

So try it out yourself by going to Accoona website.

URL: http://www.accoona.com

More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accoona



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