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Friday, March 24, 2006

Logitech Pro 5000 Webcam

I have reviewed about my experience using Logitech Pro 4000. Last week I manage to get a hold of Logitech Pro 5000. My friend needs to get a new Webcam, so I suggest her to get the 5000 series. so we went to Fry's and get this webcam.

The price is drop now. Its only cost USD79.90. Last time my Logitech Pro 4000 cost me USD 99.90. Oh well, thats electronics's world. When the new version came out, the price for the old version will be slashed to make way for the new generation.

Enough talking :) so what is so great about this Logitech Pro 5000.

When I compare this Logitech Pro 5000 with my Logitech Pro 4000
- The size is the same
- The color for the Logitech Pro 5000 is darker.

Do you like that ?
Nope, of course thats not the only difference :), Just kidding....lets continue

- The quality for the image is clearer and sharper. This is tested since after reaching home,
I immediately try it out with my friend, I keep switching the webcam between 4000 and 5000.
Everytime my friend said that 5000 is better.
Note: The quality is better perhaps due to "Right Light" technology

- Logitech Video Effects,
It will allow you to change your appearance to something else like a shark in MSN.
This is just useful when you want to joke around with your friend.

- Builtin Microphone with RightSound technology
The echo cancellation suppose to be better with this technology. But in my testing, the echo noise is still there, I could not tell a difference, so my recommendation a Headset is still required for a proper conversation.

So thats it :), I finish my comments, For now, If you want a better quality webcam, get a Logitech Pro 5000.
Why for now? because new version will always came out :P.

I tested the quality of the webcam using:
1. Skype video 2.0
2. Yahoo webcam 7.0
3. MSN 7

On the side note, these are my own testing when I use a ADSL and normal 56K bps
For those that have bigger bandwith: (Cable Modem No cap)
1. Use MSN for the webcam
2. Use Skype for the voice

For those that have bandwith cap: (10G /month -> Australia)
1. Use Yahoo for the webcam
2. Use google talk for the voice

For those that have lower bandwith: (Modem 56Kbps)
1. Use Yahoo for the webcam
2. Use MSN for the voice

More information: http://www.logitech.com/



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