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Thursday, March 16, 2006

iDog for iPod

Another accessories for iPod, iDog. This is not really new. This cute dog will be able to moves and dances according to the music.

Actually its not eclusively for iPod, this cute toy can be used for other music player devices too since its using the standard input for other music player devices like Rio and Discman.

What this cute little dog can do ?
- Respond emotionally by touch
- Communicate thru the movement, sound and flashing lights on the head
- It can compose and play music based on its mood.
- Remember up to 70 songs
- When it play a song, it will respond the rhthm if you are touching the head :).

Another nice present if you have a girl friend.

Where to buy:
1. Amazon - http://www.amazon.com
2. Ebay - http://www.ebay.com

More information: http://www.idog-segatoys.com



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