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Friday, March 10, 2006

Credit Card - Online Shopping

Visa Card, Master Card, Diners, American Express are sample of Credit Cards. Most people carry more than 1 credit card in their wallet.

Its a very common to pay Restaurant Bill, Hotel Bill, Airline ticket with Credit Card. But how about Online shopping? Do you dare to pay using your credit card?

Unlike Online Internet Banking, online shopping is a little bit different, with internet banking, we know the bank, but with online shopping sometimes we did not know whether we should trust the store or not.

So I seldom give my credit card thru the internet UNLESS I trust the website i.e.
a. Amazon
URL: http://www.amazon.com

b. Paypal
URL: http://www.paypal.com

c. Essentials
URL: http://www.theessentials.com

Below are the safe tips when you want to do online shopping:
a. Make sure you trust the website
Do a google on the website and check what other people said about the website if its a new site.

b. Make sure you are on the https secure site. (*I will make a blog about this next time*)
Take a look on the URL: make sure it start with https:// instead of http://

c. Print the receipts or email it to yourself or save the webpage for your proof of purchase

d. Do not forget, check your credit card statements. Make sure it match with your receipt.
If there is anything wrong, quickly inform your bank and the online website.

e. Consider to get a separate credit card "just" for online shopping, so it will be easy to be keep tracked :).

f. Password
Make sure you are using a "good" password. I know you will have a problem memorising them :P.

g. Make sure your anti virus and firewall is running and up to date.

h. Remove your cookies and Temporary Internet files when you are done shopping.

Happy shopping.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dragonman,
I have thousands of credit cards what should I do????

Won Bin

5:20 PM  

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