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Thursday, March 09, 2006

iPod Accessories

iPod nano. iPod mini. iPod video. So many type of iPod available. Its very common for iPod fans to say "I want iPod nano. I want iPod mini. do you have an iPod? What kind of iPod model that you have?" iPod has became a big thing in the digital music player. actually the Top brand for the mp3 player. Other vendor is trying to stealing the pie from apple. but still unsuccessful. Apple is still the lead together with the iTune store.

So after you have an iPod, what kind of accessories that you can have with an iPod player?
1. scratch remover and lens polish
the new iPod nano and iPod video allows you to watch movie, so if there is a scratch in your iPod player, it will be irritating to watch it. so you can use this to polish and remove minor scratch in your iPod.
Where to buy: http://www.ipodstreet.com/

2. Connecting Cassette
If you have a car, and you want to share the sounds with the people in the car, you can use this connecting cassette to hear the music.
Where to buy: http://www.dlo.com
Pro: Quality is better than radio FM transmitter
Cons: not many new car coming with a cassette player. Most of them comes with a cd player.

3. External Speaker
No need to say about this, there are so many different brand and model for external speaker. Most speaker comes with a built-in charger for the iPod. so you can choose which model and brand that you want. iPod-Hi-Fi is one of them :).
Some vendor: Bose, Apple, DLO, Altec Liansing, etc.

4. Stereo Cable Kit
If you do not want to buy an external speaker, not to worry, your existing Hi-Fi can still be used as the external speaker. you just need the cable to connect the iPod to your existing Hi-Fi.
Where to buy: http://www.dlo.com

5. FM Transmitter
when you connect this to your iPod, and listen to a certain Freq Hz, it will allows you to listen using a radio. This is an alternative to the Connecting Cassette.

Pro: You do not need to have a Cassette Player
Cons: Quality drop. Connecting Cassette sounds better since there is no audio loss in the air :).

6. Belt Clip
You can carry your iPod everywhere on your belt (mostly guys)
Where to buy: http://www.dlo.com

7. Radio Clock + Charger+Speaker
Another add on to the external speaker, beside speaker now you can have a radio built in :).
Where to buy: http://www.dlo.com

8. Sega iDog
This dog will dance along with the music.
Where to buy: http://www.amazon.com

9. Buy a Movie and Songs from iTune Store
You can buy the movie and song from the iTune store. using your iTune software.
Where to buy: http://www.apple.com/itunes/

10. etc, etc Later :-), I will update once I have time.



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I used up all the accessories. Can u recommend me something different.

Tony Leung,

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