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Friday, March 03, 2006

Logitech USB Headset 250

This is a logitech USB Headset that I bought because I need this in order to communicate with my friends.

If you like to use MSN, Yahoo, or Skype. you know how irritate the sounds bounce back. I found it so irritating until I finally decide, Okay, I need to get an earpiece. I took out from a walkman and plug it to my computer. It works nicely, but it brings another problem.

The mic is quiet far away, so sometimes the person that I talk couldnt hear me until I get close to the computer.

So Finally I decided, okay, enough with this, lets try to get a Headset and get a USB one. so I can hook it up to my Belkin USB Hub.

I search for it at Fry's *My fav Store*, and I Found it, its exactly what I want, I like the old type, the one just like the picture, I do not like the newer modle, where you do not have the "head band".

The mic is pretty nice too, you can put it down, or lift it up if you just want to hear music.

Installation is easy, I dont even need to install a driver, windows XP has a built-in driver for it. Cool :-).

Okay so whats good of this headset:
1. Noise cancellation. I dont know whether this is just a marketing, but I am happy with it, no "annoying" echo sounds, so I suppose it works :)
2. Works with Skype
3. Works with MSN
4. Works with Yahoo
5. Works with Google Talk
6. Works with Windows Media Player
7. etc, etc, etc.

You got my point, so now I can chat with any IM, and its very easy to switch. If I want to change to my default external speaker, the simple way I need to do is to unplug my Logitech USB Headset, and its automatically defaulted back to the external speaker.

Imagine this scenario:
Lets listen to music using media player and using external speaker.
1. Play the media player and the sounds comes normally using your sound system.

Lets chat with skype:
1. Without taking out all the cables to the sound system, I just need to change the audio in and out to use this USB Headshet, and thats all that I need to do.

Simple :).

So when you are watching "war" movie, and you do not want to disturb your other neighbour, normally you need to unplug the external speaker, and switch it to "ear piece". With this headset, you just need to change the default audio to be "Logitech USB Headset" and it just works.

More information: http://www.logitech.com
Direct Link: Logitech - Headset Product


Anonymous xmas gifts said...

I use these in transcription work and after a while they lose sound in one channel. They are okay I suppose if you don't use them often and you baby them, but they break just when I need them most.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Dragonboy said...

Hmm mine is working for 1.5 years before finally its spoilt. But the spoilt becuase I keep using this for travelling so the cable spoilt. I notice the problem is the cable is "small" so after 1 year, I am sure you will see the cable becomes jumble up and start showing wear and tear.

But I did not bother to fix it, since I still have the other headset i.e. 350

Well on the other thought the 350 also spoilt now. It was good until it last, again the same problem occurs, I keep using this for travelling.

Hence now, I decide to leave headset at home and carry a small headset for travelling (not good, but it works). So far my new headset works fine.

4:36 PM  

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