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Friday, February 24, 2006

Linksys Skype Phone - CIT200 Wireless USB

Bought Skype Phone in November 2006 from Fry's. The installation is a snap. Install the driver, plug the cable, and the phone just work.

I found some annoying facts about this phone, but it can be solved with some work around:

When you have a program abort with EACESS violation" when you try to run the linksys application, please remember to do this:
1. Quit your skype totally
2. Run Linksys Cordless Internet Kit. (*Its in your desktop or in your start up program*)
3. This application will automatically run your skype.

I found this problem only when you install skype version 2.0, when you are using skype version 1.XX, I didnt found this problem.

Once the linksys cordless internet kit is running, you can run or quit your skype as many times as you want.

Good things:
1. you can call your friends from your phone, it will list down all your friends in the phone. nice feature
2. It will allow you to scroll down and call your friends directly from the phone, so you dont have to go to your PC to dial :)
3. you can use skype out (*Calling to Landline or Mobile Phone*) from this phone directly

Bad things:
1. The quality of sounds drop but tolerable.
2. The drivers. Perhaps Linksys will come out with a new driver to avoid the "Eacess Violation" error message.

Price: US$129.99

Where to buy:
1. Fry's
2. Radio Shack

More info on this product:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You CAN change the ring tones.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have problem to install CIT200 on pc without sondcard....i plug in usb cable but the system (win PX pro SP2) don't recognize the usb device...

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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