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Friday, February 24, 2006

Actiontec Internet Wizard - For Skype

Another interesting day in December, After trying around with linksys skype phone, I finally get a hand to try out the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard. This is much more interesting since with this hardware, you can use your "old" phone whether its a cordless or not with skype.

The cost when I bought it from Fry's US$70, but from the main website actiontec, you can get it for US$50, oh well, i am desperate to get my hand on it, so I pay slightly more :P.

This hardware is great, I have no problem at all using this thing.

I install the driver, plug the hardware to the USB port. and hook the cable to the hotel phone.
and ...shazam...it works.

Ask my friend to give me a call, and my hotel phone ring. the quality drop to the normal local quality phone. but who cares, its the same with the linksys phone anyway. With this hardware at least I do not have to keep additional phone.

The interesting part is to make a call out, you need to assign a number in your friend's name like this:

1. dragonboy
2. ranma
3. kyoko

Once you assign the number, pick up the handset and press "# # 2" and watch your screen. the phone will dial ranma . cool...... :).

there is a problem though, the problem is.......if you had about 20++ friends, oops, I found it hard to memorise them by number. so thats the only drawback about this hardware compare to linksys CIT200.

Note: To switch between normal Phone and skype or vice versa, just press ##.

More info on this product:


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