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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

28th Feb 2006:
During lunch time, manage to see a very interesting .
A bluetooth virtual keyboard in demo.

This will be a must have for people that have PDA phone that hate to use stylus for typing in a cafe.

You can find the company details on:

If you notice, you can type in any surface *maybe not glass*. but for table it should works fine.
the price for now is USD$199. Quite a cool gadget :-),

the drawback that i can think of:
if only there is a way to see the letters that we are typing that would be even better :).
maybe the first 2 lines.

pro about this product:
1. Typing for SMS
2. Typing for Email
3. MS Word ???

1. you still need to see the result on the PDA itself.

Not sure:
1. Accuracy is unknown. But since this is a new product, I belive if the market is good, the company will improve it in the later version.

Would like to see the letters can be seen on the table :) that would be nice.
The idea for this keyboard is good, so hopefully later version would be better.



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