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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Nice Smartphone. Bought in May 2005. With 520 Mhz intel, and upgrade the memory to 1GB SD Card. this phone is like a dream come true. You can read pdf, microsoft reader, and you can even put games inside.

Specs for O2 XDA IIi
1. Intel 520 Mhz
2. Wireless 802.11b (*wireless only 64 bit encryption*)
3. Windows Mobile 2003
4. Bluetooth
5. Infrared

More info:

Things that works well:
1. Phone
Works well, in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and USA

2. Games
at least sudoku works well, and some other games also works well, but dont hope like a real joystick, nothing can beat the real game console like NES, SNES, XBOX, etc for that. but for wasting time while waiting for appointment, this is a good way to kill time.

3. MSN
works out of the box

4. Yahoo
download agile messenger and it works

5. Wireless
Okay, nothing to complaint, it works except only for 64 bit encryption, oh well, so I have to lower down the encryption at my home to 64 bit in order for my O2 works.

6. Internet Explorer
Okay Pocket Internet Explorer works well except for Java website. forget it, banking, is not available in here.

7. Skype
Download skype from the website and tested it with wifi. It works fine, I can speak and hear it. The sounds goes to my external speaker, but its clear enough. Quality cant be compared if you use the earpiece in the normal computer, but oh well, this is a PDA with only 520 Mhz. so its acceptable for now.

Things that not good:
1. The camera.
The quality sucks.

2. Password
I have tried to set the phone to auto lock within 24 hours, and it looks a great feature, except it comes with 1 bug, if during the auto lock somebody rings me, I dont have any idea on how to enter my password. so the only way is to soft-reset the handphone.

3. Reset
If you open too many things, like adobe reader, and you forgot to close it, the next time you try to do things, it will be slower like a tortoise. you need to reboot in order to get everything back to the normal speed or kill the running program.

4. Internet Explorer + Java
cant make the applet website works with this phone. mapquest and google map doesnt work. Lucky yahoo maps works :) so at least i still have some way to find a route using this handphone.
5. Stylus
I lost 3 stylus so far. How I lost it, until now i cant figure it out, must be drop when I run because I put it on my belt. *oh well my fault then*

Thats it for now.


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