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Friday, March 03, 2006

Star Wars - Lightsabers (any Star Wars Fan out there?)

For those Star Wars Fans, you can now actually can have a "true" color of lightsabers. I happen to have lunch in the Westfield Oakridge, San Jose. when my friend saw this, and he asked for a demo. So the guy demo it for us. Its kinda cool, to see the color start glowing just like in picture number 2 above. And the sabers came with sounds effect too..Ouchhh... I wish I could have this when I am very small, I will definitely begggg my mom to buy it for me for my birthday present :).
It require 3 AA batteries to run and can last for several hours. So you better get a rechargeable battery :).

The Force FX lightsaber replicates the following sound effects:
1. Power-up
2. Idle hum
3. Swing (with pitch change)
4. Clash (*Imagine if you have 2 lightsabers*), cool right :P.
5. Power-down

More info: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/69de/


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Gua juga mau bo' walaupun dah bangkotan.....


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