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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I-Mate Jasjar or Dopod 900

Regardless whether its called Dopod 900 or I-Mate Jasjar, it still the same. they are both HTC Universal (*The original product code*). Some companies can license this product code and call it Dopod 900 or I-Mate Jasjar. Its up to the company. Of course the software inside it might be different, each company might ship a different software. But the hardware specification will always be the same.

This is the first 3G Handphone that ever come into PDA phone. I miss it :(. In every way its similar with my O2 XDA IIi except this one is BETTER. You have the best of both world. You have a PDA and "nokia communicator" when you twist the screen.
I still can not justify myself to buy this phone since I just bought the O2 XDA IIi in May 2005. So its still less than 1 year. For now, I just need to be happy to play around using my colleague's one :P.

Processor Speed: Intel Bulverde 520MHz ( O2 XDA IIi have 520 Mhz too excepts not using Bulverde)
Support: GSM 900/GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 / WCDMA
Builtin: Bluetooth, Wifi 802.11b, infrared
Display screen: 65536 colors
Weight: 285g (*Yes its a bit bulky and bigger thatn O2 IIi)
O/S: Windows Mobile 5.0
Camera: 1.3 M with Integrated flash *nice*
Flash ROM: 128 MB
Storage: SD Card --> So you can put a new 1GB memory card :)
Talk time: 480 mins
Standby time: 260 hours

With WCDMA Support, now finally you can use the same handphone in Asia and USA (including Japan and Korea)

I manage to try this PDA Phone since my colleague have it. He managed to buy it from Ebay for US$ 600 (very lucky) since normally the street price is about US$1000 at ebay.

The only thing that I like about this phone compared to my O2 XDA IIi
1. Video phone calling (3G Handphone)
2. Camera -> The quality is a lot better than my O2 XDA IIi
3. SMS -> Now you can use the real KEYPAD instead of stylus, not that I dont like my stylus, but with this keyboard it will feel natural to type and faster too. The keypad is big enough for my finger, so its very fast to type SMS.
4. Wifi 802.11b-> In my testing, it can connect much faster than my O2 XDA IIi. Perhaps Microsoft has already updated the software in MS Mobile 5.0.

Things that are still missing:
Java ....*sigh*, there is no built in java here in the internet explorer, I still could not access online banking using this PDA.

All the rest that you can do with the other Pocket PC is available too so I wont said much:
1. Hotmail sync
2. Games i.e. sudoku, tetris, etc.
3. Skype -> Yeap I tested and it works.

More Info: http://www.imate.com and http://www.dopodasia.com/Dopod/Singapore/En


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