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Monday, March 06, 2006

Virus Computer including Free Antivirus product

Virus Computer. Now a days, its no longer the era of getting a virus thru booting a computer with a CD, most of the virus comes with either these 3 methods: (Top 3 according to me)
1. Email ->
The email will try to tell you its a nice picture, or some interesting documents. So when you run the file its actually a virus and your computer will be infected immediately.

2. Download a virus program thru Web or P2P
Can not say much, some program is being named so nicely until you are tempted to run it :).

3. Loophole in the Application/Operating System
Most of the time there is a loophole in the O/S or application. Windows XP got many bugs. Its common for a gigantic application to have lots of bugs. So I will never accuse Microsoft, since I know when I create program, I can create bug too :P.
So far microsoft is doing a good job, once Research Antivirus company reporting a bug, Microsoft will close the hole within days/weeks.

There is a problem with this closing the hole though, most customers are LAZY to do an update to their O/S. Either because its take too much time to download or too expensive for phone bills. So what is the implication if customer did not do an update to the O/S.

This is what Virus Writer will do, everytime Microsoft close the hole/bug, and put the patch to the website for customer to download

The virus writer will just have to download the patch, and see the difference between previous version and current version. They will just concentrated with the "bug" and after that its easy. Since they only compare a small portion. They will only needs 1 day or two to come out with an exploit that will utilise the bug and infect your machine with it.

Notice the problem, eventhough Microsoft can do a very good job to close the hole, but if customers did not do their part i.e. to download and install the patch. It will be useless :P.
I really cant blame the customers too since the download can be very slow especially if you are using "modem 56K". You dont even want to bother to download since the patch can be up to 1-10 M file, and phone line is expensive in some country.

4. Outdated Antivirus / No Antivirus installed
Even you have an antivirus in your system, or a firewall in your system, as long as they are not UP TO DATE, it will be useless.

Some of the antivirus and firewall can be pretty expensive too.

Here are some vendors that will be usefull if you are interested to buy or install one.
Some of Antivirus Vendor
1. Symantec -> http://www.symantec.com/ --> Free Trial
2. Mcafee -> http://www.mcafee.com/ --> Free Trial
3. AVG Antivirus -> http://www.grisoft.com/ --> Free version is available.
4. Trend Micro -> http://www.trendmicro.com/ --> Provide free Scan of virus.
4. etc, etc.

So if you do not have a budget, download the AVG, its a decent antivirus product and updated periodically. and there is a free version available in the website.
Direct link: http://www.grisoft.com/doc/289/lng/us/tpl/tpl01

If you had already used the AVG - Free edition, you could support the company by purchasing the professional edition if you like the product.

If you have budget, get a Symantec Anti Virus. Eventhough one thing that I hate about Symantec, when you try to uninstall and reinstall it, you will have to spend 1/2 - 2 hour to do that, since the program will complaints corrupted. bla bla bla bla. But when its up and running its a good anti virus, so I will not complaint too much once its up and running.

For Mcafee, I used to use it during the Dos operating system :), I like it, but I can not comment so much since I have not been using this product for many years.

So what is the solution then ?
1. Update your Windows regularly
2. Update your Antivirus program regularly. A good antivirus program will remind you to do an update and remind you when your subscription fee is expired :P.

If you are a home user and would like to use it at home, dont forget a free antivirus product is already available. AVG Antivirus

More info:
1. AVG Antivirus -> http://www.grisoft.com/ --> Free version is available on the website for home user.

Notes: if you have question for virus computer, you can leave a comment though, I will read it :).
This week, I will dedicate the blog for Virus/Worm/Firewall. So come back again tomorrow if you want to know more about this.



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