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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Notebook Hard-Disk Slow ?? Here comes Hitachi 7K100 to rescue.

I have heard comments liket his many many times: "Notebook is slower than PC". But actually its not entirely true. To be honest, I used to think like that too. But not anymore now, because after you know all the components that make up Desktop PC and notebook, then you start realise that there is a big difference betweeen Desktop PC and notebook.

The big difference is in the hard-disk:
1. Desktop PC's Hard-Disk is 3.5"
2. Notebook 's Hard-Disk is 2.5"

so of course when you build some thing, the first technology that is easy to implement is for the one that is bigger i.e. 3.5". So far the normal commonly found hard-disk, they have 4 speeds:
1. 4200 rpm (rotation per minute)
2. 5400 rpm
3. 7200 rpm
4. 10000 rpm (only Western Digital 3.5" have these, limited availability and $$ expensive)
5. 15000 rpm and above (*Forget it, this is too expensive for us*)

The faster the rpm, the better performance you will receive. Until recently notebook hard-disk can only have : 4200 rpm and 5400 rpm. While in Desktop PC, its very common to have 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm.

So if your notebook is very slow, check the hard-disk model, If you do not know how to check the hard-disk speed *oops*, get your friends to help you :).
If you are curious: use this website to help you: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000497.htm

After you found the model number, use google to search it :).

When you get a 4200 rpm hard-disk, dont worry, i can guarantee you that the speed will be VERY VERY SLOW. I have seen it myself with lots of people.

So is it true that notebook hard-disk will always be slow?

NOT ANYMORE :), Hitachi GST has already came out with 2 products 7k60 and 7k100. These 2 products are specially designed for notebook. and they came with ....7200 rpm :-).
7k60 -> 60 GB with 7200 RPM
7k100 -> 100 GB with 7200 RPM

And I am one of the lucky person that have 7k60 rpm in my notebook. Ouwwwww.... I can feel the difference of the speed when I just change the hard-disk from 5400 rpm to 7200. Normally I will need to wait for about 40-50 seconds to boot windows XP. and wait everytime I launch my application. but not anymore with this 7200 it really cut the wait. Now I really enjoy the speed of my hard-disk.

My desktop PC in the office is only 5400 rpm. and it have 2.8 Ghz intel on it.
While my notebook only have 1.7Ghz centrino with 7200 rpm.
But for performance, my notebook is faster than my desktop he he he :).

So for all of you that wants to buy a notebook or hard-disk, please take note, dont just buy based on the price:
1. 100 GB hard-disk with 5400 rpm
2. 100 GB hard-disk with 7200 rpm

there will be a difference in term of cost between these 2, but if you really needs performance, spend a little bit more to get a 7200 rpm. Its worth it.

Dont get a 120 GB hard-disk with 5400 rpm for your notebook. Its much better get a 60 GB 7200 RPM. After that, buy an external Hard-Disk, where you can buy a 3.5" 400 GB - 7200 rpm with much a cheaper price.

At the end you will be more happy when your application launch faster.

Recently I manage to convince one of my friend to get a 7K60 Hitachi harddisk and replace his 30 GB 4200 rpm. He is very happy after the change so I hope you can consider to change your hard-disk if you notice that eventhough you have a new notebook, but the performance is very slow. Dont blame the notebook, blame the hard-disk :)

Where to get a 7200 rpm notebook? So far I only know Hitachi GST that have these :P.

Specification for Hitachi 7k100:
1. 100GB maximum capacity
2. Industry's only second-generation 7200RPM hard drive
3. Desktop-like performance in a mobile drive --> I like this...
4. Power requirements similar to 5400RPM products --> Good, then you can sure it will be compatible if you decide to change
5. 50% improvement in operational shock tolerance

You can find out more on this website:
More info: http://www.hitachigst.com (Products -> Travelstar)

Nice review of all the speed of hard-disk:
Toms Hardware - Notebook Hard-Disk Summary



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Sound like you are trying to promote your company product....hahaha...j/k

I'll change my notebook HD tomorrow, will see how it goes.

:) Jay Chow

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