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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wireless USB Hub

Wireless USB Hub or known as Cable Free USB Hub. Finally I have been waiting for this product. After all these years since I have mt first USB mouse appears, and all the wireless product came out, I have been waiting and question, how come there is no wireless USB Hub.

What is a cable Free USB? This is a USB hub that will allows you to connect your USB gadgets i.e. printer, scanner, external storage and you can access it wirelessly.

From the picture: (Image from belkin wireless hub - not available yet only for reference)
a. the hub (right side) -> the hub that will connect your gadgets.
b. the small dongle (left side)-> the gadget that will be connected to your notebook. The dongle job is to connect to your hub wirelessly. so from the Windows it will be treated as if they are connected locally.

If you notice in one of my blogs about Belkin USB 2 High Speed Hub, i am able to connect to 7 USB gadgets into the same Hub. so these cable free USB is much better right, since I am able to connect all the gadgets wirelessly instead having a big table with all the gadgets near by :).

Sample scenario:

Old Way
I have a PC, a printer, a scanner, a hub, a mouse, a monitor.
I will need to have a big table to store all the stuff, otherwise I will need to have a very long cable and connect my printer or scanner on the other place. Messy cable :).

New Way
I can have a room with a Cable Free USB Hub and connect my printer, my scanner, my Disk Drive, my CD Writer to the Hub.

Then I will just bring my Laptop out, watch tv, and connect to the Hub using a small dongle like the picture above and do my printing and save my document to the external drive. All can be done while you are watching your fav TV shows. What a nice life :).

The dongle will connect to the hub wirelessly using 802.11g (54 Mbps). So the speed is not bad, of course will definitely slower than if you connected locally. But its a small price to pay.

This product will be ready from Belkin in July 2006.

But if you cant wait, I have seen another brand, silex at Fry's today. The price is US$149.99.
I have already tempted to buy it, but....no budget :-P.

Based on the specs (this part I remember), its compatible with:
1. Wireless 802.11g
2. Printer
3. Scanner
4. External Storage
5. Up to 15 USB (including hubs). --> Come on 15 should be enough ;)
6. USB Card reader i.e. memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD Card, etc.

Currently its still not compatible with:
1. Web Camera
2. Speaker

But its good enough, so if you need to print something and you dont have enough space in your desk, now you could just put the printer and scanner in separate place and connect them to your wireless hub. Cool right :).

More info about this Silex Wireless USB Hub

More Info: http://www.everythingusb.com/cable-free_usb.html



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The one you show me at Fry's is a lot more better device.

Cecilia Chung ;) wink...wink...

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