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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Voip - Skype

Skype, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ. There are so many of them. All of them can be used for Instant Messaging, All of them can be used to send or receive files. So why so special about skype?

Sometimes, when I ask people did he use skype? He will said, "No but I got yahoo and msn, and thats enough for me. I do not want to have another IM". Unless I need to voice chat with him, I will just let it go :), I am not working for skype, so I dont really have to push it so hard he he he.

Anyway, why I like skype so much because "It Works". I didnt said yahoo, MSN, AOL and ICQ ar not working. all of them are working fine. but...Skype is very good on File Transfer for me. I am happy with File Transfer using skype.

Features available in SKype:
1. Voice Chat - Free
So far with its noise cancellation, I am happy with skype. Not perfect, but I can use my external speaker and external mic (*Without using my Logitech USB Headset 250*). and there is not much echo in it since skype has a built-in software echo cancellation.
Note: Its still feel much better if you use headset, so I still fully recommend you to get this one.

2. Chat Messaging - Free
As normal, Skype provides you with these traditional chat. Not as fancy as Yahoo and MSN but it suits me. Not many icons available, no theme, nothing, very plain. But it suits me.

3. File Transfer - Free
Skype is doing VERY GOOD JOB on this. Whether you are behind firewall or not, it will always WORKS. Eventhough at the worst case if you are really under firewall, the transfer rate will be very slow i.e. 1kb/s. But...it...work...thats the point.
Other IMs, normally will need to take 2 or 3 times trying and..."maybe" it will work. So if they insist not to install skype, I can only ask them, please send me the picture using Email. I know it will work he he :).

4. Webcam - Free
One thing that I like from skype: it will allow you to see your friend's picture in a full screen.
make sure the webcam is a decent one otherwise the quality will be bad :).
MSN will allow you to see the full screen too but if you use the "video" conference i.e. Voice from MSN and Webcam from MSN.

If you use the voice from skype and webcam from MSN, you will not be able to use the Full screen from MSN. (sad, because MSN video quality is better than skype for now*).

1. Skype's will show your own picture in the conversation too, but its "very small". so I dont like this part, I want to be able to adjust it so hopefully skype developer will make some improvement.

5. Skype out - Not Free
On top of calling PC to PC, skype allows you to call your friends in the rest of the worlds that are using Mobile Phone and Home Phone. They call this feature skype out. Try this, and really not bad, for popular destination it will only cost € 0.017 per minute.

6. Skype In - Not Free
This is one feature that I like, Skype allows you to have a Phone number. so when your friends call this number, your Skype will ring and you can just talk as per normal.
i.e. Skype In only available in certain countries i.e. USA, UK, Hong Kong SAR, Brazil, etc. For complete list check out skype website :)

Note: If you have more than 2 Skype Number in different countries, you can play a joke with your friend to guess where you are now ;).

7. Voice Mail - Free with Skype In, otherwise not free
When your friend subscribe to this feature, and you try to call them but they did not pick up the call (online or busy), you will be able to leave a voice mail.

Note: Yahoo Messenger provides Voice Mail for free.

8. Call Forwarding - Free to skype user but not Free to transfer to Mobile Phone/Home Phone
When you are on the road, but you are expecting a call in skype, you can forward your Skype call to your Mobile Phone. Cool right.

More Information: http://www.skype.com



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