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Sunday, March 12, 2006

HDTV - Digital TV

HDTV in Fry's. HDTV in Best Buy. HDTV in Circuit City. Almost everywhere now you can see HDTV.

Are you ready for HDTV? What is so special about HDTV? What so different with the old TV that we have at home?.

HDTV is High-definition television. Based on this definition, all that I can say that:
1. The quality is MUCH better than the standard TV that we have at home.
The color is better, the quality is better, and the view is longer. (*Wide TV*).

If you went to the stored and see the demo yourself, you will know the colour is brighter and clearer.

If you had already bought one and you found out that the quality is not as good as your old TV, then you better call the technical support. There must be something wrong with the way you setup the TV.

So what happens when you subscribe to a digital TV network and you do not have a HDTV at home? No problem, you can still watch a digital TV but you will need a converter.

You see a HDTV signal is "digital" and the old TV is "analog".
So what you need is a converter from a digital to analog box.

Great, does that mean I will enjoy the same quality as using the normal HDTV?
Unfortunately, NO.

Due to the convertion, the quality drops, so you can only enjoy an analog quality.

is there anything wrong in the conversion? No, there is nothing wrong with the conversion.
Its just happen that:
a. HDTV have a higher resolution than normal TV.
HDTV can display about ten times as many pixels as an analog TV set.
For illustration only, so if analog TV shows a picture with maximum 10,000 pixels for 1 screen, a HDTV will be able to support 100,000 pixels for 1 screen.
So what will you get ? A better picture of course :)

b. Aspec Ratio
HDTV is 16:9
Standard TV is 4:3

That means you can have see more things in the TV. (*Wide screen*) without any cut off.

A lot of countries now is trying to push for Digital TV. Why ? Because its very difficult to maintain 2 standards. So by 2009, in USA, its expected that most TV stations will be converted to HDTV quality.

So dont worry, you still have a few more years to go to change your old TV with HDTV.

Some vendors that have already support HDTV:
1. Sony
2. Sharp
3. Hitachi
4. Samsung
5. etc

So how can you get a HDTV channels?
1. Over a satellite
Example: DirecTV or Dish Network in USA

2. Over a Local Cable Companies
  • Comcast in USA
  • Starhub Cable TV in Singapore

3. Over the air
Your normal TV station if they provide HDTV quality otherwise...too bad :P.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDTV



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