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Friday, March 31, 2006

UMPC Emulator or Origami Emulator

Remember my previous posting about the Origami - Tablet PC - UMPC ?
If you forgot about the acronym, UMPC -> Ultra Mobile PC. This device will be running Windows XP Tablet edition. The street price will be roughly US$ 1000. So far, only 1 vendor has announced that it will release this device at US$ 900. With more competition, I am hoping the price will goes down after a few months. I cant wait to get a hold of it myself.

Microsoft has already released the emulator so that the developer could test the applications using their desktop / notebook before moving it to the UMPC itself.

I consider this is a very nice feature since it is a hassle if you have to develop using desktop and move the application to the device, and tested it from there, there will be significant time loss, with this emulator, the developer does not have to move and can test their application right from their desktop :).

Download Link: UMPC Emulator from Microsoft



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