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Thursday, March 30, 2006

AjaxSketch - Illustrator on the Web

The same company that made AjaxWrite release a new product called AjaxSketch. What is AjaxSketch ? This is a free web application that allow you to create diagram, Flow Chart and free hand drawing. You can consider that this AjaxSketch is a slim down version of Illustrator. The pplication itself is using AJAX language that promise a better user experience using a web browser.

The application itself doesnt need anything else except a web browser. Currently the only browser supported is a firefox 1.5. Hopefully they will release the version that will support IE.

I have tried myself in the morning, it looks promising but allows very limited operations for now, but its not hard to learn.

Here are some of my testing:
1. Save a file
2. Open a file
3. Put a text to the drawing board
4. Put some auto shapes that comes built-in with this application
5. etc -> I will update it later

1. It is easy to be used for new people
2. Free
3. You need Firefox version 1.5 in order to use it. Internet Explorer wont work.

1. For now it only support firefox v1.5. It will support IE and Safari (Apple OS) in the near future.

2. Bandwith, eventhough in my testing is fast, but I can not conclude when a lot of people is accessing the same application.

AJAX is a great language and definitely help the browsing experience especially with the drag and drop ability, Right click mouse, etc. But...for now, Ajax is not yet good enough for big application. The bandwith is not fast enough to cater for it. For a local network its possible to deploy an AJAX application, but via internet :). Oops.... not yet..especially for those of you that are still using Modem or Bandwith cap. Just forget it :).



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