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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

USB Flash Drive - 64 GB?

I never thought that this day will come. A flash drive with 64 GB, the size is very similar with a normal flash drive that we have. 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB.
And now 64 GB ?????.

Ouchhh, I am pretty sure you can put A complete Operating System, complete with Office applications, Web Browser, etc etc :). I am not yet talking about XP though, since XP still have problem to run on USB drive. But Linux Operating system should not have any problems to run on this USB thumb drive.

But this gadget is very PRICEY. *Sigh*.
Guess the cost?
US$ 500 ?? US$ 1000 ?? US$ 2000 ??

Nope, the cost according to the website is:
US$ 4999.99

Ouchhh, it will hurt my pocket, so I will give this baby a pass :(.

Want to read more?

Here is the link:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm it's going to be the same capacity as my next ipod shuffle.

"Steve Job"

6:26 PM  

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