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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Intel Mac to run Windows XP Officially

Finally for those Mac funs, they will be able to run Windows XP without any hacking around the system. Previously at the beginning, it was being publicly known that Intel Mac will not be able to run Windows XP since Windows XP did not support EFI that is being supported by Intel Mac.

Windows XP using BIOS
Apple OS X using EFI

So there is a competition in order to prove that eventhough by "default" Windows XP did not support EFI, there will be a way to do it. The competition started with only US$100..but it grows to US$ 13000, and finally a month ago someone won it :).

After they won it, it does make a big news everywhere from CNet until Video Clip everywhere, but the method to do it is too techie. Since thats the 1st attempt, its already good enough. Its a proof of concept, and they will need to release early since if they are late, somebody might claim the $$$, and they are sure, once they release the technique, there will be a lot of people trying to mimic the method and simplify it.

True enough, with only less than 1 month, Apple itself has already announced that they will support dual boot to Windows XP with their latest OS X. *Apple's method might be different though*)

So do you think Microsoft will lost with allowing their OS to run on Intel Max?

Nope, I will never think about that, instead I believe Microsoft will gain since now customer has to buy their products again in order to run the O/S in the Intel Mac.

So who will lost ?

Why??? because normally you will need both Intel PC and Intel Mac in order to run both Operating System. And now customer will only need to buy 1 Intel Mac in order to run both Operating System. So Intel will lost "a bit"

Intel Mac is a bit pricey though, this is the only thing that I dont like :P.
So now if only the other way around happens. Running OSX using normal Intel PC legally :). That would be great.

Time will tell, since now currently there is a way to run this, but once Apple found it, they will close it in the next release. So it will be a police and thief.

How about me? Have I intended to buy Apple OS X ? Nope, I am not interested with it. Why ?
1. I dont need it
2. My job doesnt need it
3. I like Windows XP
4. I like Linux

Anyway, for now, I will skip Apple OSX for now.

More Info: Intel Mac to run Windows XP officially



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