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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Digital Player from Samsung - YP-Z5F

Samsung has already came out with Mp3 player many years ago, so what is so special about this new upcoming model.

From the pictures it looks nice, they provide different colours i.e. White, Black, Pink and Gray, so male and female can choose the one they like. The one in the picture is designed for girl :) Pinky colour.

And based on some people said, the previous generation from Samsung mp3 Player has a very good audio quality (better than iPod). But I can not verify this since I am not a musician. My hearing is "normal". or "bad" maybe :P

But you judge it yourself when this digital player came out.

So far the spec is:
1. 4GB
2. ASF, MP3, WMA
3. Able to see .jpg picture
4. Battery last for 35 hours
5. Weight 58 g
6. FM Radio --> iPod does not have this
7. Voice recorder -> iPod does not have this

So let see whether this new digital player can crack the iPod market.

More info: Samsung - YP - Z5F



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