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Saturday, April 08, 2006

iPod Sync with USB Hub - Tunesync from Belkin

Another iPod accessories from Belkin. This one worth to be mentioned. I like Belkin products, eventhough expensive but the quality is there :).

This gadget will allows you to:
1. Sync your iPod with your iTune
2. USB Hub - Provide additional 5 Ports for your USB 2.0

Its compatible with:
1. iPod mini
2. iPod
3. iPod nano

When do you want to buy this product?
1. If you have not buy a USB HUB
2. If you have an iPod and does not have enough space in your table
3. if you lost your sync cable for your iPod :P

This gadget will allow you to save space. It combines an iPod sync and USB Hub. It does make sense, people now a days got many gadgets but limited space in their table, so if one device can be "multi-function", that would be better and obviously the other factor is the "price" :P. So please give it a try if you want to buy either a USB Hub or an iPod sync cable.

Price: US$ 65.99

Where to buy: Belkin - Store

More Info: http://www.belkin.com



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