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Monday, April 10, 2006

TDK - Blu-ray Disc is available now

Blu-ray. What is a Blu-ray ? This is the next generation of the Optical Storage. It will replace DVD. The only competitor for Blu-ray is HD-DVD. So we shall see which one will win.

For now, I will only focus on Blu-ray. So what is so greate about this Blu-ray? Capacity :P, the capacity for Blu-ray is 25GB (single sided), so if its double sided, it will be 50 GB.

Imagine,, compare the size with the current DVD size.
DVD size is 4.7GB. Blu-ray is 25GB, hmmm 6X bigger :-), means you can store up to 6 DVD movies in a single Blu-ray or up to 12 DVD movies in a double-sided Blu-ray.

Sounds interesting ? Yeap, it is, The only thing that I DO NOT like about Blu-ray is the DRM. Digital Right Management. They will put a DRM that will limit how many times you can copy, read, or watch in the Blu-ray.

But I will not talk about DRM, its just a pain to talk about this, as a customer, I do not want to limit how many copies, reading or number of times that I can do with the movie Disc. But if I were a movie producer or movie rental, I might want to limit the "action" that I can do with the disc i.e. Copy

So its a pain to talk about this. Eventhough the Blu-ray player is still "unknown" the status, we will be able to see the player soon enough from Sony, Samsung, Toshiba. But..for now...lets forget it, they keep delay the player for some unknown reason. But for sure it will came out this year.

But amazingly, the "disc" itself has already out :). so here it comes TDK-Blu-ray Disc is already available now for single sided. I roughly can guess why TDK wants to release the Disc earlier than the "player".

For now the Disc is very good as a "frisbie". because there is no player or writer to write/read to the Disc :).

But you can think from the marketing stand point, they will be the "FIRST" player that release the Disc, people will know about their brand, so when the player came out, their disc will be the 1st to capture the market. Well......thats what I think....not so sure what TDK things :).

The disc is available at US$24.99 for single sided. When the double-sided appears at the end of the year , it will roughly cost about US$ 47.99.

So if you want to be the 1st person to own a Blu-ray disc. Dont wait,grab it :)and use it for frisbie for now.

More Info: http://www.blu-ray.com/faq/



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