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Monday, May 15, 2006

Perpendicular Hard-disk 5K160 is out now

Finally, Hitachi release its first perpendicular hard-disk. The product name is 5K160. Based on its name, we know that its:
1. 5400 RPM
2. 160 GB :)

Other than this, they also have the lower capacity i.e. 160GB, 120GB, 80GB, 60GB & 40GB

Complete Specification of their Perpendicular Product from the website:
- Hitachi’s first perpendicular recording (PMR) hard drive

- Choice of capacities:
160GB, 120GB, 80GB, 60GB & 40GB
- Parallel ATA or Serial ATA 1.5Gb/s models (SATA 1.0)
- IrMnCr read head for better performance & reliability
- Best in class for low-power utilization
- Outstanding performance

So I like the name, because the name is easier. The only thing that I dont like is: its still 5400 RPM. I was hoping to see 7200 RPM. Oh well, I can only hope that 7200 RPM is coming up next.

Just in case you are interested, perpendicular is suppose to be the latest technology for hard-disk. Current hard-disk technology is limited, and very limited growth. If you notice the maximum Hard-Disk you can find in the market is 500 GB.

So with this perpendicular technology, it is suppose to change that, since now, the data will be stored "vertical" instead of "horizontal" to save space.

So theoritically, we should expect 1000 GB (1 Tera Byte) coming up in the horizon :).

By the way, if you are wondering why do you need 1000 GB hard-disk... I am also not very sure, but for me:
1. Backup my OS, so in the event of virus or worm, I can easily recover back to the original state as long as my hard-disk is not being destroyed :P.
2. Partition my hard-disk so I can boot to multiple OS i.e. Linux, FreeBSD and Windows XP
3. Movies ?? Music ?? Pictures :)

If you are one of the person that would like to be the 1st to a new technology, its the time now :) get yourself 5K160, and please let me know the performance with the other Hitachi Hard-Disk. :).

More information:
Hitachi - Perpendicular 5K160



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm spinning too fast will make you dizzy(7200rpm), I guess 5400rpm is good enough(better than most notebook HD which only spins 4200rpm)

Hokage Sama of Konoha Village,

10:46 AM  

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