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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition to remain free

Microsoft Visual Studio are the tools to develop applications in Windows environment. Maybe Microsoft would like to recruit all the new people and let them try out the Visual Studio before they convert to different platform i.e. Mac OS X or Linux

Its a good idea too, the visual studio is a very great product, I used it long long time ago more than 10 years ago i.e. Visual Basic. Oops...I am old man...*sigh*

I do not use it anymore no2 since as per usual the reason are:
1. I do not develop code using C++, Visual Basic or any .NET platform
2. My job never needs me to develop using any of the above language
3. My university only needs me to use MS Word :-), and always ask the students to use "vi" to do the development

Enough said, if you are a developer and would like to get your hand on the .NET platform, I fully recommend you to try this visual express edition, please take note since this is a free edition, You know...there must be some catch :-). i.e. Limited feature that you could find in the standard edition.

This will not stop you though, since you can still try it out and get a feel of this product, and best of all: you are allowed to build a COMMERCIAL application using this great product :)

Directly from FAQ in the Microsoft Website:
"Can I use Express Editions for commercial use?
Yes, there are no licensing restrictions for applications built using the Express Editions"

Have fun trying.....

More info: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/default.aspx



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