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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Excel viewer from the Web using Ajax

Do you have an excel file ? Do you have an excel for Windows? Most of you will definitely have one of the spreadsheet application.

The most famous one are:
1. Microsoft Excel
2. Lotus 123
3. Open office
4. etc...*dont ask me what are they*
5. ajaxxls :)

Have you ever need to open an excel file while you are on the go? Maybe you need to see some phone numbers desperately or need to print some document but there is no Spreadsheet applications in the internet cafe ??

This is when the ajaxxls comes in handy. Currently this AJAX Web based application allows you to "view" only an excel file. You will only need a web browser i.e. Firefox 1.5

Internet Explorer currently is still not yet supported just like the other ajax applications from this company. I hope they will support this soon, since more than 80% browser are still using Internet Explorer. Eventhough Firefox is gaining momentum > 10%. but since Most PCs in the internet cafe are Windows Based, there you go, each of them are most likely preloaded with IE instead of Mozilla Firefox.

1. Browser only needed i.e Firefox 1.5
2. Works well, I can see my data appears nicely. -> READ ONLY, I could not modify it at all.
3. simple to use, what can be more simple, beside, File -> Open and point to an excel file. :-)
4. Fast to load *assuming not many people in the server he he he*

1. Only Firefox browser is supported for now
2. Does not support protected excel file for now
3. You can not modify the excel file for now :).

Thats it for now, time to go back to sleep. I still have my jetlag. damn...

More info: www.ajaxxls.com



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