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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free Napster Now

Napster. Remember Napster? Last time used to be the hub for music sharing. Now the company has already goes legal. In order to complaint with the law, Napster provides songs with fee. After that the market share of Napster drops.

SinceApple iPod with iTunes gain the market share, Napster has to use a new tactics now. To recruit more subscribers, napster will allow the members now to free listening up to 5 times per track, the song will be encoded with lower quality. After that, it will allow you to download the high Quality with 0.99 USD. This is not a bad deal, since at least it will allows you to listen the song first before you decide whether it worth to buy or not.

So its worth the try.

PS: You will need to join Napster as the member. Registration is free.

More Info: http://www.napster.com/



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