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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its a Camera! Its a Phone! Its Samsung

is it a Camera ? is it a Phone? Its Both :), welcome to Samsung SCH-B600. I believe this is the 1st camera that shows 10 M pixel :P. Yeap, you heard me right, 10 M pixel.

I am sure it will be pricey though, and this is an interesting concept, especially since the camera lens can be zoom in and out, this is a nice feature.

So far, there is no news when this baby will appears. but I can not wait the other vendor to catch up with this. Why ? Because if the other vendor appears with similar concept, then the price will GO DOWN :). as simple as that.

PS: Dont forget mega pixel is not everything. the Optical lens play an important part to the quality :).

More Info: Engadget - Samsung/



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mau donggggg.......

Keke Genkai,

12:19 PM  

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