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Monday, June 19, 2006

Windows Live Messenger - 8.0 is out now

Windows Messenger 8.0 is finally out now. So no need to say anything else.

The only noticable difference is:
1. OFFLINE message

Finally Windows Messenger put this extra feature *sigh*. But its better late than nothing right :).

Before you do the upgrade, please "Export" your contacts first,
Contacts -> Save My Contacts.

In one incident to my friend, the contacts are gone. Mine did not. But I suspect thats because my hotmail is already using the live mail.

So please do this:
1. Export your contacts:
Contacts -> Save my contacts
2. Upgrade your MSN clients (see the download link below)
3. Import back your contacts if its missing :)

I will update it more later, so stay tuned.

Grab it from: http://ideas.live.com/



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you can still receive message while you are offline. Just like the yahoo messanger I supposed.

A bit too late for microsoft hmmph...

Chow Yun Fat,

3:51 PM  

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