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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Spreadsheet is out now

Google Spreadsheet is out now. Its another new web application from Google. I have heard that this web application will appear on Tuesday. So thats why Tuesday evening, I sign up for the beta tester. On wednesday morning, I have already received the approval to try it out.

In everybody's mind, only one thing when they heard about this Google Spreadsheet. Can this be a replacement of Microsoft Excel?

My answer has been answered after I have done my testing.

"NO WAY". As of now, there is no way this web application will replace Microsoft Excel.

Dont get me wrong, Its a spreadsheet application, but its lack of ability that even a novice user in Microsoft Excel used.

Currently to me, its only a prove of concept that the internet now is fast enough to deliver application right to your desktop/notebook.

To replace the current version of Microsoft Excel. It needs a "HUGE" polishment.

Here is my review so far:

What is good for this:
1. You can open/save to your desktop
2. You can open/save to Google File Server. I dont know what is the storage space
3. Existing Excel file can be imported to this web application
4. Basic functions are working fine i.e. sum, count, etc.
5. You will only need a browser
6. You can share the excel with other google users to view/edit. Very useful if you are working in a team
7. Best of all: FREE....-> Nothing beats free right :-)

What does not work well:
1. No graphics/Pie Chart/Image insertion --> Oops.
2. Default Row/Columns are too little. Only 100 rows by default. This must be to reduce memory usage. But its too cumbersome to insert the rows from the page.
3. Limited functions, advance functions are not exists
4. Obviously, you will not be able to insert Objects from other applications like Power Point, sounds, etc :-)
5. No header/footer, Transpose cells, and MACRO :-).

In Summary, this is definitely NOT a threat to Microsoft Excel. This application will still be useful though for a simple spreadsheet. To compete with Microsoft Excel, it will need a lot of polishment. It will take months or even years before this web application will be able to compete. For now, I do not think I will use it a lot since its still lacks a lot of functions that can be found in Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3.

For those of you who are google fans, you can sign up on this web page: http://labs.google.com

As a closure, just to mention that, this web application are not the only alternative of Spreadsheet application.

There are at least 2 other alternative spreadsheet applicatoins that has been around since months :)
1. http://www.ajaxxls.com
2. http://www.numsum.com

Take a look, ajaxxls, in my mind have more functionality, since it allows to have graphics in the spreadsheet.

To Sign up for Google Spreadsheet: http://labs.google.com



Anonymous Tony said...

Hi! There's also another one called EditGrid and I've made a comparison of it to google spreadsheet here: http://www.editgrid.com/tnc/pkchan/EditGrid_v._Google.

You may be interested to have a look!

12:16 PM  

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