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Friday, June 02, 2006

iPod accessories - LCD Screen + Speaker

Another iPod accessories. This time from Sonic. Product name: Sonic Impact. Its worth to be mentioned. Unlike the rest of accesories from other vendors normally are external speaker, transmit sounds thru bluetooth, but this one is different :).

What is so special?
As you can see from the picture, when you dock the iPod, this baby will also help you to enlarge your "screen". WOUWWWW..finally. Something that is useful :). You know what? I hate to watch iPod video in a small screen, after quite a while, your eyes will be tired. With this sonic 7" screen, I no longer have strain my eyes :P he he he.

Price ? err..US$ 300
a little bit pricey :(. more pricey than the iPod itself, but oh well.....this is what happen when there is a new product, hopefully more vendor to follow so then the price will drop :P

So far here is the known spec:
1. 7" screen
2. Speaker....

Not yet into production so we will have to wait for a few more months before finally it will reach the market. For now.....stick with your TV to watch your video :P.

More Info: Sonic Impact


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