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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nintendo DS - Pinky

The first time I know Nintendo is when I am still in the Junior High School. My cousin introduced me to the world of Super Mario Bross and Zelda, and I am hooked. I need to save 1/2 year though in order to buy myself a nintendo console. And after that borrow games from friends :P.

Anyway, the new product coming from Nintendo is DS lite. The only interesting part is the Colour which is pinky....
The product code is Noble pink..Interesting code name :).

But the looks really girly, so I bet it will be nice for your girl if she loves to play game :)

If not , then you can still buy it for her, and if she did not like to play game, you know, you can always play it whenever you are bored and do nothing in her place :P.

Available Time: 20th July 2006

More Info: Nintendo DS



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PP :)

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