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Friday, September 01, 2006

Blue Ray that can hold up to 200 GB

I am not really a fans of blue ray yet. since its still expensive and beyond my reach for now :P. But if a CD can hold up to 200 GB. damn....Soon Hard-disk can be replaced or will it ?

Nahhh, not yet :), I am pretty sure eventhough Blue-Ray Disc can hold up to 200 GB, it will still be slow since its not "vacuum" (no air). its using "laser". While hard-disk is using magnetic, and its in vacuum so definitely faster than a Blue-Ray disc.

so it wont be able to match Hard-disk speed. But it will be good storage for your data or movie or whatever. you name it :). Just for example, if a typical mp3 is about 3M size, you will be able to store 66,667 songs in the 200 GB blueray.

For now, its only a prototype, it will be quite some times before it could be mass produced:

Just For the knowledge:1 CD -> typically hold up to 750 MB. (mega Byte) -> 250 songs

1 DVD (single layer) -> typically hold up to 4.7 GB (Giga Byte) -> 1567 songs

1 Blue Ray -> typically hold up to 25 GB -> 8333 songs

the new prototype blueray from TDK (hold up to 200 GB) --> 66667 songs


Info: TDK News



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