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Monday, November 27, 2006

Nintendo Wii - Good or Bad ?

Nintendo Wii just being released recently in USA. Obviously the Wii Console is running out very fast.

The advertisement is great, I loved the advertisement. But when I watch the advertisement, I was wondering about something.

Since we can "act" as if we are playing tennis using Wii, what happens when we Play something like Bowling game. Will there be any accident?

Sure enough, there is 1 accident already :-)

Photos: photo

I am waiting for more accident :P, will there any lawsuit because of this? Let see...time will tell, but I am pretty sure I dont have to wait for years.

Some of the accident that I could predict:
1. TV Broken, Windows broken, The Wii remote broken, The Wii remote hit another people's face, The wii remote hits expensive collection, The wii remote hits children, Strain Arms, Strain Legs.

Info: News Info

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ebay - Read BEFORE you BID

Have you tried bought something from Ebay ?

I did, and so far i am not dissappointed with the things that I bought :).

But with the PS3 craze, its just amazing. People is trying to make money from the PS3.

Case 1:
Using words to trick people to quickly buy it since its a rare item.
"3 Sony Playstation Systems...Free Shipping!"
Nothing wrong with the title but the description:

"You're bidding on Sony Playstations, 3 of them.
Bid with confidence."

Oh NOOOO, you see, if you did not read carefully, you will miss the "comma", and your minds quickly said, oops, I need to buy it NOWWWWWWW its soo cheappppp, and there goes your money, this PS1 is being sold
at 900 USD. (3 PS1). There is no way you need to spend 900 USD to buy PS1. This PS1 also did not comes with the controller, damn....I guess the guy will need to spend extra $$ to buy the controller.

Poor guy did not read the fine print.

Link: Ebay Link - Case 1

Case number 2:
A person would like to make a quick buck by selling PS3 in the ebay. Poor him,
The PS3 price is US$ 500++. and guess whats happen, since he is too optimisitic that people will bid on his PS3, he got the item sold at US$10. If only he put the reserve price or start the bidding at US$ 750. Come on, the seller want to make a quick buck right, so he knows he will only sell it above certain price :P, so why dont he cut the chase and just put the items at the minimum price that he wants to release the item :).

YEAPPPP, US$ 10.......

Link: Ebay Link - Case 2

Lesson Learn:
1. Read before you buy :)
2. Dont be too optimistic, if you start the bidding at least 500 USD, you will still get your money back :).


Saturday, November 11, 2006

VOIP Phone - Skype, Yahoo , MSN Live

I have seen a lot of voip phone lately. Of course its all started from voip for Skype only.
Started with "wired", and moved to "Cordless".
so now more vendors see the opportunity to make $$ with the other IM vendors i.e. Yahoo and MSN.

In here, I am only interested to see "cordless" voip" since I found it eventhough its nice to use a headset, but you are stuck with a few metres away from your computer. While if you manage to get a cordless phone, you are free to move around your house.

So far here is what I have found out:

1. Skype
Available Vendors: Linksys, Netgear
URL: Netgear, Linksys
Quality of voice: 5/5
Assumption; You are using Intel Core Duo *blah*, the memory usage is high starting from Skype 2.5. Otherwise stick with skype 2.0

2. MSN Live
Vendor: Uniden
URL: Uniden
Price: US$ 99
Voice Quality: 4/5

3. Yahoo Messenger
Vendor: V-Tech
URL: Vtech
Voice Quality: 5/5 --> In fact I found out that Yahoo is better now than skype :P.
But it might be because I am not using Intel Core Duo yet.

For now, the only problem with those products are : they are only work with 1 vendor per time *Sigh*, none of them want to do an "multiple vendor IM".

But I am pretty sure that day will come, just wait for 1-2 more years :). It will happen......