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Monday, October 29, 2007

CD / DVD Writer with Lightscribe - Do we need it?

Most of the new computers now came with CD Writer or DVD Writer. Have you heard about lightscribe? See the image, isnt it cool to put a Label directly on top of your Disc ? the picture in the DVD is using lightscribe technology.
Anyway, lets go back to some history
Previously CD Writer is good enough to keep our data. But now? It’s unlikely, with all the emails getting bigger and bigger attachment, a CD will not fit anymore.

Not only that, you digital camera is getting bigger too: P. 6 M pixel, 8 M pixel, blahhh. All these pictures needs bigge storage, you will be sorry if you keep backing it up to your Hard-Disk. When your hard-disk spoilt, you will cry :-).

The solution came with a DVD Writer. A CD Can only hold data up to 680 MB while a DVD can hold data up to 4700 MB (Notice the difference??). Life is starting to get better with CD Writer and DVD Writer.

Try to backup your data using the old 1.44" floppy diskette: P so what is a lightscribe DVD burner? If you notice, normally how do you label the CD or DVD after you finished writing the data/pictures?

You will use a red-marker or black-marker, right?If you are like me, my handwriting is very ugly, But at least its better than no label to the DVD backup otherwise It will be hell to search the photo trip or your archive data.

Mail - 1996
Mail - 1997
Photo - 2004
Trip to San Francisco - 2005, etc, etc.

so a lightscribe DVD Burner will allow you to print the image/text directly on top of your CD / DVD. For more screenshots (See Sample screenshots URL at the bottom)
How much is it ? External DVD Burner with lightscribe is no longer expensive.

I manage to get Samsung DVD Master at 69 USD. And recently I saw the price drop to 59 USD (Sale time). So it’s really affordable now.

The good thing with the Samsung DVD Master, It comes with all the necessary software.
1. Nero Express
2. Lightscribe addon

so you will only need to buy a CD / DVD with lightscribe mark. It’s slightly more expensive.

I bought 50 DVD with lightscribe and it costs me 29.90 USD.
Compare to 50 DVD without lightscribe and it will only cost you 14.90 USD.

Oops, double the price. Is it worth it? I don’t know, it really depends, if you want to look more professional for your photo album, and yeah, I think it’s worth it :).
Some benefits:
1. The CD will looks nicer and professional
2. It is very easy to put the label/image using lightscribe. Took me less than 10 minutes to figure out.
Some Disadvantage:
1. It will take about 10 minutes to print the label. (Actually it depends on how big the image that you put for the lightscribe)
2. The CD/DVD price costs more than normal CD
3. No Color for now

Sample Lightscribe Image: Sample Lightscribe Images
More Info: http://www.lightscribe.com/

Next article: How to print and some tips using lightscribe software i.e. Nero Express 6


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nokia E90 - How To send Files Thru Bluetooh for .dat .pdb files?

Some FAQ for E90:

1. I have a .pdb File. I want to send this file to my Friend's Nokia using bluetooth. Everytime I send this file, it will goes to the inbox and it can not be opened nor saved. How Can I fix this problem?

Your nokia will not allow you to send unknown file format, so by default it can only accept .doc, .jpg, .sis, .zip and a couple of extra file types.

So the workaround is: to zip your files using the Zip Applications available in your Nokia E90. (Its under Office folder). Zip the file and send the file using bluetooth.

The recipient will be able to open the incoming bluetooth and extract the files after that.