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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nokia N900 - Tethering on Ubuntu 9.04

Today is the first time I try to use the linux to connect to Ubuntu. Never done this before.

So here is how you are going to do it.
1. Connect to the internet using your n900.
See if you can surf www.yahoo.com -> that means you are good :-)

2. Open Ubuntu and plug the micro SD to your phone
Ubuntu 9.04 will recognise that its a mobile broadband, and you to choose your provider. I choose Tmobile USA (internet) without vpn support.

3. Click ok
4. Open a web browser
5. Type www.yahoo.com
6. you are on the net :-)

I am surprised its that easy to connect to internet using Nokia N900 with Ubuntu.

PS: Make sure you connect connect to your internet using Nokia N900 and do not disconnect the Internet from the phone. It looks Ubuntu will do a thetering using the "existing" connection first before drop it. Thats my own testing. You could try by turning off the T-Mobile Internet from your phone.

PS2: The Windows behaves differently, in Windows, you need to disconnect the internet and let PC Suite to make the connection for you.