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Thursday, October 26, 2006

PSP - Introduction

This is a game Console from Sony. I have had it for a few months, and I could tell you that I never regret to buy it.

I have a choice between Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. both have strength and weakness.
I have done my research and after careful investigation I found out that Sony PSP has a better processor and bigger screen and clearer screen than Nintendo DS.

So finally I decide okay, lets go with Sony PSP. And guess what, I never regret it :).

I bought the Sony PSP with the Operating System version 2.71 (FW 2.71)

Sony keep updating the OS / Firmware. Each version will introduce some new things, it could be good or bad :).

Its up to you to decide.

I am considered lucky since after a few weeks I bought Sony PSP, the patch for playing self-made program or homebrew appears.

What can you do with Sony PSP ?
1. Play Games using the disc
2. Watch video .mp4 or using Disc (UMD disc)
3. Picture Viewer i.e. .jpg files
4. Play music files i.e mp3
5. Surf Internet using a built-in browser *Keyboard sucks though*

After you apply the patches to allow play self-made program, the Sony PSP is getting better :)

On top of the above, you can do more:
1. You can play your old console games using emulator such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, etc
2. You can open a .pdf file
3. Calculator (Range from Simple calculator until complex calculator like HP and TI calculator)
4. Any other self-made games such as Hangman, bomberman, sudoku, etc

So if you are thinking to buy a PSP or Nintendo DS. For me, I will choose a PSP than Nintendo DS.

Dont get me wrong, Nintendo DS has a lot to offer too, but the graphics is much better in PSP than Nintendo DS simply because the hardware spec in PSP allows that to happen :).

In the next few weeks, I might discuss more about the Homebrew program if there is enough request for it.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Word And Excel in the web By Google

Google bought www.writely.com last year, so finally they have integrated together.
The new website is called: http://docs.google.com

Its interesting to see that you will be able to read online word document and excel in the web. Very useful indeed, but not too useful for some people.

Useful thing about having it online:
1. Share the doc with colleague and ask them to modify it online.
2. When you are on travelling and you did not bring your PC, its nice to know that you could always use internet cafe to read/modify documents :P
Some issue that I can think of:
1. Lost of internet connection, What happens if your internet connection lost in the middle of editing documents :-)
2. Since I store the "confidential" document in Google, what will happen if Google change the policy and will scan documents and choose to provides some "advertisement"

3. Since I store the document online, what will happen if someone else hack into the account.


Its a nice thing to know this feature is there when I need it, but I wont store my confidential file there :P. I might use it once a while, but will not make my business to depends on it :P.

I will still have offline Word processor and Spreadsheet. To safe cost, I will use Open Office which is Open Source programs.

Web Site: http://docs.google.com