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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Google Problems

Google problems ?

Only by typing: http://gmail.google.com and http://www.blogger.com.

I got the above message. Very funny. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have the same problems. According to the message, they assume, I was using a "program" to go to the webpage, while in reality, I type it manually.

So the error message doesnt make any sense, I suspect Google just update some codes, since how can it be automated, if the "Blogger" webpage have the same problem as well he he he.

So this is what happens:
1. Google updates the code to restrict "automated robot" coming from the same IP address. So if the same robot keeps connecting to gmail.google.com. The new code is suppose to block it and shows the "error" message.

2. It looks smart right ???, WRONGGGGGGGGGG.
In actual fact, its really stupid to do that, why ??? Most companies only have 1 or 2 public IP address. And all the employee when they surf the web, it will use the "same" public IP address.

So google maybe "forgot" about this scenario. or some bugs in the code :P.

Anyway, from home its working fine, so I will keep quiet about this. This only proves something. A giant company like Google, also can make bugs :). so please do not only blame microsoft. After all, the "thing" that do the programming are the same thing i.e. human :P.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Applet Battery Problem

Interesting, Apple also having battery problem :P.
I guess its not only Dell.

Do you think they will start stopping us to bring a laptop to the plane ?

Info: CNN News

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Listening Mp3 Player in a car

Listening music in a car is a must have for me. I bet thats the same thing for many people. Regardless young or old, people loves to listen to music. The only difference between them will be the type of music they will listen. Some likes Religious songs, and others could like rap, rock, country music.

They could listen from Radio, Tape, CD, Mp3-CD, or even MP3 Players.
Since I have Mp3 Players, I seldom used my CD or Radio anymore.

The configuration is:
1. Zen Vision M - 30GB
2. Car Charger for Zen Vision
3. FM Transmitter
4. Car Charger for the FM Transmitter

With these 4 combinations it seems perfect, but...there is always something missing. The quality of the sounds. Since I use the FM Transmitter, the quality is drop. Eventhough its still within my tolerate level, but for some people that have sensitive ear, the FM Transmitter is not good enough.

Recently, I manage to rent a Toyota Camry 2007 from Hertz, over there I see something new :), the AUX Connection.
Finally, I am able to listen the Zen Vision directly using the AUX connection.

My friend's new lexus also have a similar AUX connection. So my prediction, is AUX Connection will be common in a newer car.

And BMW has already signed a deal with Apple iPod to have the audio system compatible with Apple iPod meaning, most likely you will be able to change songs directly from the audio system instead of iPod.

So whats missing here? The Standard :-), so my bet is in the coming years, there will be a standard to manipulate MP3 Players using the Car built-in audio systems.

Dont believe ?? Lets see :)